Embracing Challenges and Leading with Purpose: My Journey

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Embarking on a new journey launching my own company, PAS Marketing Solutions, Inc., has been the biggest adventure and faith journey of my career! In the process of developing my marketing practice, I’ve also created a personal coaching practice called PASITIVE COACHING.

As I take my first steps into the world of blogging, I thought it might be helpful to give context to the story of how my professional journey led me to establish PAS Marketing Solutions and eventually, PASITIVE COACHING. With a name that cleverly intertwines positivity and my last name's play on words, I aim to share my experiences, insights, and coaching expertise with the world. My career path has been paved with challenges, lessons, and many unexpected layoffs, each of which has contributed to shaping the person and leadership coach I am today.

From Sales to Empowerment through Marketing and Leading:

My journey began in the Chicagoland area, where I entered the professional realm as an inside salesperson at a high-tech reseller partner. Quickly realizing that sales wasn't my true calling, I explored various marketing roles—channel/partner, OEM, product, field—across different corporate landscapes. As I navigated through projects, strategies, and global teams, I discovered a genuine passion for leading as well as mentoring and coaching, both formally and informally as well as a niche marketing role called Channel Marketing. Through my experiences, I recognized a universal longing for people to be heard, particularly by their managers and I implemented many of these best practices in my marketing consulting as well as coaching practice.

The vision for PAS Marketing Solutions is to serve others and move people forward by providing insights, tools and best practices to solve problems.

  • We do this through channel marketing best practices with partners and vendors.
  • We do this through coaching leaders with tools.

Embracing Challenges as Opportunities:

In my pursuit of professional growth, I encountered numerous challenges, including seven unexpected layoffs. Despite the financial strain and emotional toll, I chose not to succumb to negativity. Instead, I embraced these challenges as opportunities for personal and professional development. Being a naturally positive person helped but it was my faith that pulled me through. And, eventually embracing the opportunity to start my own business, I believed I could offer other companies and individuals a bit of my expertise. 

A Foundation of Faith and Positivity:

In the effort of full transparency to understand what fuels me I want to share that at the core of my being lies a strong Christian faith paired with my natural inclination towards positivity. These foundational pillars have not only sustained me but also fueled my desire to create a coaching practice that serves others. In fact, each day when I approach my work I often ask “who can I help and share my knowledge with today?” A verse that helps me feel encouraged with strength and faith in God is Philippians 4:13 that says, "I can do all things through him that gives me strength."  It is not my limited strength but His and even in my fear, He will lead me. With hindsight, I now choose to see my professional work experiences as divine nudges, to allow me to take all of my experience and propel me towards a greater purpose to serve others and help move people forward.

Team Builder

Recently taking a leadership personality test the results categorized me as a "Team Builder". This was another positive encouragement that my natural strengths aligned perfectly with mentoring, empowerment, collaboration, and team development. It has become evident to me that my purpose is to share these strengths with companies and individuals seeking guidance in building and leading effective teams. 

Sharing Knowledge and Empowering Leaders:

Throughout my corporate tenure, I've been blessed to accumulate a wealth of knowledge, honing leadership skills through formal education, workshops, and hands-on experiences. My passion for teaching and mentoring has led me to coach college students as well as business professionals, imparting practical wisdom and facilitating role-playing exercises to help apply the learnings. I believe that everyone deserves access to the kind of coaching that has enriched my journey, regardless of their background.

Looking Ahead:

As I embark on this exciting venture, my goal is to compile a comprehensive resource of proven solutions and best practices that can empower both emerging and seasoned leaders. Through a variety of communication vehicles such as a Mastermind cohort style course, individual coaching sessions, blog posts, and Free Masterclasses, I aim to share high-level insights and offer in-depth, personalized guidance. Together, we can cultivate leadership excellence, foster effective communication, and create thriving teams that drive success personally and professionally.


Although my professional journey has been punctuated by challenges and setbacks, as well as moments of inspiration, I am thankful it has led me to this point—a place of passion, purpose, and unwavering commitment to guiding others towards their full potential. With gratitude for the vast number of experiences that have shaped me and faith in the impact I can make, I welcome you to join me on this transformative journey of growth, empowerment with a mission to move people forward.

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