Marketing Consulting

Elevate your success with us:

Better results.

Faster turnaround.

Without an agency price tag.

My goal is create a successful marketing strategy that designs the most effective marketing deliverables to achieve both immediate and long-lasting results. PAS Marketing Solutions can help you achieve your goals without an agency price tag!

Marketing Strategy

  • Quarterly Marketing Plan Development
  • Interim/Fractional Marketing Leader
  • ROI/Marketing Metrics

Marketing Execution

  • Digital Marketing
  • Demand Gen Campaign Development
  • Sales Support 
  • Virtual Event Support

HI, I'm Michelle!

I'm a Marketing Consultant, and I launched PAS Marketing Solutions to give entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses the access to the tools they need to grow their businesses successfully. Drawing on my 25+ years in marketing, I create personalized plans as well as a 12 week course to boost your brand's visibility and reputation. My goal is to help you develop a solid marketing strategy that drives business growth.

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