Career Coaching

Are you facing the aftermath of a recent layoff and seeking a reliable job search process to guide you through this transition?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to develop an effective job search strategy to secure a new role with confidence. 

Imagine this: After facing the setback of losing your job, you now find yourself stepping into a new role filled with promise and fulfillment. As you walk into your workplace, you‘re greeted by a sense of belonging and purpose. This job not only perfectly complements your skills and ambitions but also pushes you to reach new heights of growth and achievement.

 You're in your element here, constantly bringing value to your team and the whole company. Every day is a new exciting challenge that you take on with a positive, can-do attitude. You know you're on an upward path, continuously growing and crushing it in your career field.


Hi, I'm Michelle! As your career coach, I am going to be your secret weapon for landing your next job. My proven strategies will cut your job search time literally in half, so you're not stuck in that soul-sucking unemployment limbo.

No more of that nagging self-doubt and insecurity telling you you're not good enough. I will build you up and remind you of your awesomeness until you're overflowing with the confidence of a rockstar.

And when you finally get that offer letter, I will make sure you get every penny you deserve. I'll coach you up on negotiation tactics to maximize your salary and benefits to the fullest.

At the end of the day, I am 100% committed to empowering you with all the tools, mindset shifts, and strategies to go after the career and life you've been dreaming of. 


I help recently laid-off professionals find a new job in half the time by providing a structured job search path back to employment. My method helps you find a job quickly, reduce stress and give you the confidence you need to land your next job.

Training Modules

Self-Discovery & Goal Setting - Comprehensive assessment tools & exercises for self-discovery

Strategic job search techniques - Practical Guidance on resume tips & job search strategies

Interview Prep & Personal Branding - Mock interviews, personalized feedback, & techniques for personal branding

Career Development & Continuous Growth - Tailored career development plans & negotiation strategies

What Others Say:


Nonprofit Sector

Michelle has great insight in today's professional landscape and delivers practical strategies to help women confidently voice their ideas, enhance their impact and effectively manage teams and motivate people. I highly recommend her course for anyone wanting to navigate the key skills needed to be an effective leader."


Fortune 100 Company

“Michelle’s course equips women with practical strategies to excel in today’s professional landscape. Through her guidance, I gained the confidence to voice my ideas, enhance my impact, and effectively manage teams. Michelle understands the unique challenges women face and provides invaluable support in navigating career growth. I highly recommend her program to anyone seeking to unlock their leadership potential.”


Local Government

"Working with Michelle gave me the boost I needed to see the value I brought to the workplace and the confidence to start reaching for roles that challenge me more. The fact that she understands the challenges women face in the workplace was a huge plus. I find myself consistently drawing on the skills and tips Michelle taught me. I'm so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with a knowledgeable coach who is passionate about helping women succeed."

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