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 Twenty years ago, I was called to meet my leader in a tiny, windowless conference room at the front of the building when I heard the words,

“You don’t meet my expectations, you’re fired!” 

Devastation overwhelmed me as I slowly walked to my car, head down dreading the news with the extra punch of "no severance" that was added as I left the building. Oh, did I mention, I was the sole breadwinner for my family at the time!

As a first-time leader, I realized that relying solely on relationships and hard work was insufficient for effective leadership. I lacked crucial skills for leading a team with a results-oriented mindset and strong communication abilities. Compounding this deficiency was the company's absence of a formal leadership training program to nurture my capabilities as a new leader.

I firmly believe that if the company had prioritized comprehensive leadership training for me, I would have mastered the vital skills required to lead my team effectively and achieved remarkable success.

This experience has fueled an intense drive within me to equip others with the essential principles of leadership development and high-impact team leadership. My aim is to ensure others avoid the challenges and setbacks I faced by providing the leadership wisdom I lacked during that formative period. 

I am Michelle Pas, the Founder of PASITIVE Coaching, my mission is to empower professionals with the knowledge and strategies essential for confidently positioning themselves for career advancement. I firmly believe in harnessing the natural skills that we all bring to the table to diversify our professional environments. Through PASITIVE Coaching, I offer a comprehensive leadership training program and career counseling to provide professionals with personalized 90-day action plans to foster their success.

  • Do you find yourself lacking the essential leadership skills needed to move your career forward?
  • Do you want to learn to manage your team better?
  • Are you looking to excel in your current role?
  • Are you currently seeking employment? 

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to engage in leadership training for 90 days in order to position yourself as a valuable asset to the organization and be considered for leadership roles and career growth opportunities

Imagine thisIn just three months, you walk into your workplace, radiating a confidence that's both palpable and inspiring. 

  • You won't be merely contributing to conversations but steering them instead. 
  • Your peers and superiors will see you as a person who provides guidance and wisdom. 
  • Your leadership abilities won't just be recognized but will be in high demand. 
  • You won't have to passively wait for opportunities anymore, as you'll become a trailblazer, actively designing your path to the role you've always aspired to reach. 



90 Day Leadership Training Program

Top features

  • Group coaching modules
  • Live virtual calls 2x/month for 3 months (90 minutes each call)
  • Self- Assessments
  • Modules include:
    • Strategic Leadership Foundations
    • Uniting teams
    • Metrics & Performance
    • Motivation to motivate your team
    • Influence skills to inspire & implement ideas
    • Transformation - applying best practices to improve your leadership
  • Personalized Action Plan

What Others Say:


Nonprofit Sector

Michelle has great insight in today's professional landscape and delivers practical strategies to help women confidently voice their ideas, enhance their impact and effectively manage teams and motivate people. I highly recommend her course for anyone wanting to navigate the key skills needed to be an effective leader."


Fortune 100 Company

“Michelle’s course equips women with practical strategies to excel in today’s professional landscape. Through her guidance, I gained the confidence to voice my ideas, enhance my impact, and effectively manage teams. Michelle understands the unique challenges women face and provides invaluable support in navigating career growth. I highly recommend her program to anyone seeking to unlock their leadership potential.”


Local Government

"Working with Michelle gave me the boost I needed to see the value I brought to the workplace and the confidence to start reaching for roles that challenge me more. The fact that she understands the challenges women face in the workplace was a huge plus. I find myself consistently drawing on the skills and tips Michelle taught me. I'm so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with a knowledgeable coach who is passionate about helping women succeed."

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