Skyrocket your Channel Sales using Key Digital Marketing Techniques

brand awareness channel marketing channel sales co-brand digital marketing lead generation Sep 27, 2023

As we all know, there are a lot of changing dynamics in the marketplace right now. Not only is it harder to know exactly how to market products/services to attract the right customers but getting the message through all the noise is even more challenging! However, digital marketing efforts remain one of the best ways for High-Tech Vendors to get their message across to customers and prospects. The rise of digital channels has transformed how companies go to market and sell products through both direct and indirect sales channels. To maximize sales enablement, organizations must align their digital strategies to support their channel partners' efforts in engaging and converting buyers across today's complex customer journeys.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the key ways digital marketing can amplify channel sales efforts:

Raise Brand Awareness and Generate Leads

Digital campaigns focused on driving brand awareness, generating site traffic, and capturing leads are the foundation for sales success. Tactics like SEO, social media marketing, paid search, and display ads help get your brand and messaging in front of target buyer personas during early research and consideration stages.

Content marketing assets - including blogs, eBooks, whitepapers, webinars, and videos - can attract and nurture prospects when optimized for search and distributed via social channels. These owned media properties engage audiences and develop qualified leads to be shared with partners.

Support Partners with Co-Branded Digital Assets

Creating co-branded digital assets and campaigns promotes unified marketing between vendors and channel partners which shows prospects/customers a joint solution. Co-branded emails, social media posts, ads, and videos that integrate your messaging with the channel partner’s branding help customers identify relevant solutions to their problems. High-tech vendors should design marketing assets that allow for them to be co-branded.

Provide Partners with Marketing Toolkits and Resources

Enable channel partners to maximize their own digital marketing by providing them with customizable assets and resources. This can include product images and videos, localized landing pages, pre-written content and emails, and digital sales brochures. High-tech vendors should make it easy for channel partners to distribute content and run campaigns acknowledging that partners have their own customer base to market against.

Segment and Personalize Messaging

High-tech vendors need to leverage digital targeting capabilities to segment audiences and tailor messaging for channel partners to customer groups. Refined messaging based on partner type, geography, use cases, and other attributes boosts relevance. Similarly, personalized communication improves conversion rates because the message is tailored to the receiver's interest.

Optimize Online Partner Finder Tools

Digital partner locators help connect customers with the right local or industry channel partners. Optimizing these tools through SEO, site UX, integrating lead forms, and tracking user behavior can better match prospects while generating leads.

Analyze Performance and Attribution

Robust analytics provide visibility into digital channel marketing efforts. Tracking key metrics like partner referrals, multi-touch attribution, assisted conversions, and sales cycle stages attributed to digital informs strategy. Optimization improves future initiatives and channel enablement programs.

With the right initiatives and tools, digital marketing can align with and boost channel sales teams. Attracting and nurturing buyers, generating leads, and equipping partners with the resources they need drives sales. Finally, continuous optimization based on data ensures the highest joint return on investment (ROI).

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